Good News!

   God, the Creator of all, is not mad at you. He has forgiven you. He is for you -- not against you. God loves you.

   God has invited you to join His family and live forever with Him. As Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He personally brought your invitation to earth.

   Now, you must accept or reject God's invitation. Accept it by receiving Jesus Christ, God's gift to you. Reject it by refusing to receive Jesus Christ.

   When you receive Jesus Christ, He gives you new life deep inside you. You become new on the inside.

   God has a wonderful, eternal plan for you. You can trust Him because He proved His love for you by dying as your substitute. He suffered what you deserve because of your sins.

   God is holy and hates all sin. Sin hurts people and separates them from God. All people have sinned.

   God loved you so much that He made a just way to forgive you and free 

 you from your sins. 


The Sacrificial Lamb Of God  [Jesus], chose to die for your sins. What you choose to do with his sacrifice is entirely up to you. You need to know that you are a sinner and need to be saved from sin and eternal damnation. You need to acknowledge your sins and turn away from sin [repent] Call upon the Name of the Lord [Jesus] and you will be saved. He is waiting for you with open arms.

   Put your life in His hands. Receive Jesus now. Call on Him and invite Him to be your Lord forever.

   Please let us know of your decision to accept God's invitation to join His   family by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord.


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